The popularity of electric vehicles has been steadily rising in the past few years as these kinds of vehicles become not only more technologically advanced, but more affordable. One of the most popular models of these kinds of vehicles is a Tesla, the other is the Nissan Leaf. These vehicles are being seen more and more frequently on the road, and if you're reading this, it's possible that you already own one yourself or you're considering getting one. Pacific Gas and Electric here in California has estimated that nearly a million people will be driving these kinds of vehicles within the next half decade or so, however, there's one problem—charging stations are still not nearly as ubiquitous as traditional gas stations.

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Electric Vehicle: Tesla, Petaluma

Tesla, Electric Vehicle - Petaluma

With this in mind, drivers of these kinds of vehicles face an inconvenient problem. In order for their vehicles to run, they need to charge them—but what do you do when you can't find a charging station? The solution that many homeowners and business owners have chosen to do is to install their own home charging stations. These charging stations work for most models of electric vehicle, including the ones manufactured by Nissan and Tesla. When a professional and qualified electrician is hired to install a home charging station, the owner of the vehicle doesn't have to worry about finding a charging station owned by a third party—this can be very convenient and, over the lifetime of the vehicle, safe a substantial amount of money.

Here in Petaluma, you've probably already realized that there are many, many more traditional gas stations that electric vehicle charging stations. Therefore, by installing one in your home, you'll be able to charge your vehicle using the power available in your own home. Many homeowners choose to save even more money from their power bill by installing electric panels alongside a home charging station for their electric vehicles, meaning that they'll be driving using only the power of the sun—it's a pretty attractive idea.


Nissan Leaf, Electric Vehicle - Petaluma

One of the largest misconceptions about home charging stations is that they're overly expensive or complex to install. While the installation is relatively complicated and should only be performed by professionals that have the certification to do so—like the electricians here at Lowes—the cost is nominal when compared to the inconvenience and additional expense of finding a third party charging station. In many cases, homeowners can even receive a tax credit. These details must be sorted out on a per case basis however, and Lowes would be more than happy to help you figure out the best possible way to get an affordable and convenient charging station installed in your home.

Level 1 charging stations are common, but they're highly inefficient. These 110 volt charging stations can only reliably provide your vehicle with a handful of miles of driving power after an hour of charging. Therefore, most home installations for Tesla or Leaf vehicles employ the use of a Level 2 charging station, which is a 240 volt installation that will give you a lot more power—usually between ten and twenty miles per hour charged.

Why More Petaluma Residents Are Driving Electric Cars

More and more Petaluma residents are choosing to drive electric cars because of the substantial yearly savings they can enjoy when not having to buy gas (or in the case of hybrid models, having to buy significantly less gas). When you combine a Level 2 charging station with a cost effective electric panel system, the cost for driving your vehicle after the up front investment becomes very close to zero; it's a smart move and many Californians are enjoying the benefits today.

Home or Business Charging Stations Are Becoming Popular

Many electric vehicle drivers have decided to install a charging station in both their homes as well as their businesses, meaning that their cars can be charging while they're at home as well as when they're at work, minimizing the amount of downtime that one might have to spend waiting for the vehicle to charge before hitting the road again. Whether you want a home or business charging station installed, Lowes has the expertise and qualifications to get it done no matter what kind of electric vehicle you drive.

How Our Expert Services Can Help

If you'd like to learn more about how Lowes can help you install an electric vehicle charging station for a reasonable price, please feel more than welcome to reach out to one of our professional receptionists to schedule ac consultation at your earliest convenience. We'll come out to your home or business and assess the best possible way to install a charging station for your electric vehicle. If you'd like to take action today and save money while saving the environment, please feel warmly welcomed to call (707) 664-7075 today.