If you're experiencing an electrical emergency, dial 911 or our emergency services line at (707) 664-7075.

Since electric wiring can become quite complex in many homes and workplaces, it's almost always a very dangerous situation when it gets out of control. Even though most people will be warded off from attempting to do anything on their own through fear of electrical shock, it's still possible to get hurt (or worse) without the assistance of a professional electrician to resolve the issue. Before you or your family attempts to do anything on their own—particularly for exposed wires which may be sparking—we highly recommend that you call the authorities and/or our company for assistance. These kinds of problems should only be handled by a professional electrician.

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Services for Both Residences and Businesses

Emergency Electrician, Petaluma

Emergency Electrician, Petaluma

For years, Lowes has provided services for both residential customers as well as customers with businesses. Whether it's your home or office that's having an emergency electrical problem—potentially endangering family or employees—we can come help.

Our residential services might involve resolving a problem with a circuit breaker or fuse box, outlets, or sparking coming from an appliance. Both newer and older homes alike can encounter problems like these, usually for different reasons. Older homes tend to have wiring that's not been updated for the power demands of a lot of today's power-hungry technology, and sometimes the problem can be worse than a blown fuse.

For businesses, whether it's an auto garage or an office building, electrical problems can be both dangerous and more than inconvenient—without power, it's likely that your business will be put on hold until the problem is resolved. Therefore, we understand that these kinds of problems need to be resolved quickly, even if they're not immediate safety concerns.

Let's examine a few of the most common emergency electrical problems that the experienced and professional electricians at Lowes are fully qualified to repair.

  • Conductors Which Have Become Exposed

    Conductors should always remain insulated or isolated in some manner, especially if they're in an area where a person could accidentally touch them. If you have an exposed conductor, it should be considered an electrical emergency—even though the conductor might be working while uncovered, it still presents a major risk to anyone nearby.

  • Wiring That's Become Loose

    Loose wires, again even though if they appear to be working properly, are potentially hazardous. While it's certainly possible for someone to get shocked by touching them, loose wires also present a major risk for causing a fire. This is because sparking can occur for wires which aren't secured correctly. Do not attempt to handle loose wiring on your own—we highly recommend that you call a professional electrician like the ones we employ.

  • Lights Flickering

    Flickering lights might not seem like an electrical emergency, but did you know they can be indicative of a worse, potentially dangerous problem? This is because lights might flicker due to a lose connection in one of your breakers. The circuit may be heating up, causing the breaker to trip—and a hot circuit can be a fire risk. Our Petaluma professionals can find out exactly what's causing your lights to flicker or dim and resolve the problem.

  • Wiring Sparking

    If you're experiencing wires sparking in your home or business, call emergency services as well as our electrical emergency hotline immediately. This is because sparking wires are an extreme fire risk. When bare wires make contact with one another, a short circuit occurs. Then heat builds up, and sparks happen. In the event the wires are behind a wall, the sparking may not even be noticed until a fire starts—that's why it's so important to have your wiring inspected if you're experiencing any unusual fluctuations in power. If your fuses blow or your breaker trips regularly, it might indicate wires sparking somewhere. Furthermore, if you smell a burning odor (even though there might not be smoke or a fire), this could also be the result of wires sparking.

  • Appliances Sparking

    Much like wires sparking as described above, appliances sparking are an electrical emergency and should be treated as such. Even if there aren't sparks, a burning odor or sluggish malfunctioning might be indicative of a larger power problem that should be addressed immediately.

  • Malfunctioning or Damaged Transformers

    Damaged transformers, while usually not in the immediate vicinity of your home or business, may present a safety issue and should be examined by a professional electrician as soon as possible.

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To learn more about how Lowes can help you with not only your electrical emergencies, but all of your home or business electrical needs, please feel encouraged to contact us at your earliest convenience. We'll be more than happy to send out a fully qualified electrician to your home or business to have your problems resolved quickly, and your new installations completed for a reasonable price.