Commercial Emergency Backup & Portable Power Generators - Portable, Natural Gas, Diesel, & Hybrid

  • Commercial power generators keep your business running - no matter what
  • Backup Diesel generators are more reliable and economical for commercial use
  • How Lowes Electric can help pair you with the best power generators for small businesses and large
Commercial & Business Diesel Power Generators, Sonoma County


Your business is your way of life. Whether you’re a baker, a factory foreman, or a high level CEO; whether you work on your feet or with your feet up. No matter how you run your business, it depends on electricity to keep the gears grinding and the cash flowing. and you should always consider Commercial Emergency Backup power

Now imagine what would happen if, just for an instant, the power failed and your business was offline. There’s a good chance that, depending on what you do, those few seconds aren’t going to mean much. But what if you had no way of knowing when your power would be restored?

Now every second is slower as you feel those gears grinding to a halt. Operating expenses keep ticking up as production comes to a stop. Few things in this world are as certain as power outages and other natural disasters. But one more thing that you can be certain of is that your business doesn’t need to fall victim to an outage. By investing in acommercial emergency backup generator, you’re investing in the future of your business and your ability to surpass the competition in any conditions.

Emergency Backup Generator For Your House, Santa Rosa

Your first step in commercial emergency backup power for your business is Lowes Electric. We're standing by to answer your questions and provide an instant price quote! Call us at (707) 584-6565 or click here to contact us. Our experienced technicians have years of training assessing the power needs of small and large businesses, and will quickly pair you with the best power generator for your business. At Lowes Electric, our business is generators and electrical; come find out how our expertise can benefit your business.

Commercial & Business Backup Power Generators, Sonoma County


There isn’t just one perfect generator for any business. In fact, depending on your line of work and the power needs that you have, some power generators may be wholly unsuitable. If you’ve ever purchased a home electrical backup generator, you know that there are two main schools of thought: the portable and the landlocked models. A towable electrical generator is often seen on construction sites or with road crews. These massive generators may be towable, but they’re much larger, more powerful generators than their portable home generator cousins. For contractors, Lowes Electric can help you choose between the latest towable power generator models such as the Aurora Deutz 20 KW Diesel Generator which can run for an astounding 45 days (1000) hours without stopping or requiring an oil change. Not to mention, being fueled by clean, no emission diesel.

Behemoths they may be, but a towable generator will only be able to power the bare minimum of a business’s utilities; such as any industrial refrigeration and security systems. These backup generators are also manually powered and require refueling, although not often. If you want to keep your business running at full swing despite an outage, the Lowes Electric team will help recommend a commercial standby generator.

Commercial & Business Backup Power Generators, Sonoma County


Whether your business runs around the clock, or your assets need to be kept under certain conditions at all times, a business backup generator is the surest way to never have to worry about a power outage again. Our line of diesel-powered commercial generators feature a longer lifespan and run time and are proven to be more cost-effective than natural gas models. Not to mention, in the event of a major disaster, your business could also lose access to natural gas and propane, which would make any commercial backup generator tied to those lines useless in powering your business. Thanks to an automatic transfer switch, your backup power generator is there when you need it and off when you don’t without any additional input from you.

A Lowe’s Electric technician can teach you more about top-rated commercial diesel generators like the quiet 16 KVA | 3 PHASE DIESEL GENERATOR from Aurora. Made in Canada, this model features a weather resistant galvanized steel enclosure, thermal and acoustic sound insulation, is powered by premier Perkins engines and includes the clean burning fuel efficiency and reliability of a diesel engine. Face it, you can’t risk leaving your business up to chance; a diesel power generator will give you the most reliability and efficiency for years longer than natural gas or propane models.

You wait for nothing and you expect your business to do the same. Isn’t it about time you invested in the tools to keep your business running and secured no matter what? The skilled technicians at Lowes Electric are standing by to help you make the best decision for the future of your business.