A home theater system is a significant investment and it can be a lot more complicated to install than you might expect. You’ll get the most out of your new entertainment system if you make sure that it’s set up properly by having Santa Rosa electrical contractor Lowes Electric handle your TV installation.


Television Installation

Choose Professional Television Installation For Your Home

You might think at first that there’s no need to hire a professional electrician for an entertainment center installation, but there are several reasons why having an experienced Santa Rosa electrician install your television makes sense:

When you install your new TV or home theater system yourself, there’s always a risk of damaging this delicate electronic equipment. A professional electrician not only understands the risks, but can safely and quickly install and configure your television – and if something does happen, their work is insured so you’re covered for any damage or losses.

A professional electrician who specializes in television installation will be able to tell what kind of connection you need for your new entertainment system. For example, you might want to connect your television to your home network wirelessly; the technicians at Lowes Electric can take care of that while making sure that you receive the best possible viewing experience.

Call For Electrical Service, Santa Rosa

An electrician can also give you advice on which accessories you might want to add to your set up and tell you exactly how to access and use all of the advanced features your home theater system offers. That’s something that the manufacturer usually doesn’t, even in the manual.

Santa Rosa Electrical Contractor Lowes Electric has been in the business for over twenty years and their technicians have the training and the tools to get your new television installed quickly and safely so that you can start enjoying your entertainment system sooner. Our TV installation services are professional and affordable and our work is fully insured. We’ll make sure that your television is mounted securely and will help you decide on placement and make sure that everything is connected and working properly before we call it a day.

Installation and Optimization

We don’t consider an entertainment center installation done until we’ve optimized your system to give you the best possible picture and sound quality. We’ll also program your remote for you so you can actually use your new TV instead of reading manuals.

Home Theater Installation

Whether you need professional TV installation or you have an entire new home theater system you need set up, call Santa Rosa electrician Rob Lowe at (707) 584-6565 for fast, affordable and professional service. Feel free to contact us anytime and learn more about our services or schedule an appointment

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