Ready Your Home For An Emergency Backup Power

Imagine that your area is hit by a major storm. It’s not that far fetched considering storm-related power outages affect 15 million US residents annually. Imagine that you have no way of knowing when your home will have power again. You’re worried about your safety and your comfort. You’re even trying to figure out how to continue living normally without power.

Do you know the inherent cost of a power outage? 70% of those who experienced unexpected outages reported additional costs. These included replacing spoiled food, flashlights, and batteries, and extended hotel stays. Now you need to ensure the security of your family while also dealing with additional costs. The longer your power is out, the bigger an issue it becomes.

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You don’t need to worry about any of these things with an emergency backup generator. Maybe you just need to keep the necessities running, like appliances and security systems. Or maybe you want your entire house to have uninterrupted power in an outage. Whatever your needs, we can help! Our team of licensed electricians will help you choose a home generator that can get the job done.

Choosing Safety And Comfort In An Emergency with an emergency backup power

If you aren’t prepared, a stressful emergency situation can easily become chaotic. A home standby generator might be a big investment, but it will pay for itself over time. Not to mention, a generator will simultaneously increase the resale value of your home.

You’ll get peace of mind, especially if you aren’t home when an emergency happens. We’ll help you to choose a generator that powers your whole home. Or one that keeps your main systems running, like heat/ac, security, and appliances. Keep surfing the web or watching the latest season of any binge-worthy show with no interruption with the right generator.

Picking A Home Standby Generator Or Portable Backup System as an emergency backup power

The best home standby generators are more affordable than ever. But they aren’t your only option for emergency power. When it comes to residential backup power, today’s generators are more flexible than ever. We offer some of the best home generators in Sonoma County. Whether you need whole-home power or just the important stuff, we’ve got you covered.

Standby generators allow you to enjoy power with no interruption. Standby home generators are powered by natural gas or propane, hooking them into your home system. And you won’t need to worry about power or gas lines when you want to use your generator. This makes standby systems a safer option for most homeowners. Especially if you don’t want to worry about storing your generator when not in use. Let our experts help you choose the perfect generator size for your home and power needs.

Emergency Backup Generator For Your House

If you’re looking to run just the basics, and you want flexibility, you want to invest in a portable generator. Portable generators have a number of uses beyond powering your home. These generators can power equipment in your garage. Or tow them to sporting events and campsites. For many homeowners, portable generators offer more for the price.

Let Us Install Your Peace Of Mind

A long term power outage could have a significant impact on your home and wallet. But you don’t need to worry when you invest in a quality home backup generator. Call us today to get a free quote on your new generator installation in Sonoma County. Prepare your home before disaster strikes.