• Home electrical generators are imperative for safety and comfort
  • Diesel home generators trump other models on efficiency, durability, and cost
  • How Lowes Electric can help you choose the right home generator model
Home Diesel Power Generator, Sonoma County


It can be as simple as a downed pole, or as terrifying as a natural disaster; but when the lights go dark, the electricity that we often take for granted is now a necessity. Alarm systems and other devices that keep the home safe will stop working, food will spoil, and you may not be able to regulate the temperature of your home any longer. These are all things that seriously impact your life in the event of a power outage, unless you have the foresight to invest in an electrical generator for your home. Your family’s comfort and security are your top priority. With a home diesel generator installed, you won’t have to worry about either. Remember, the best time to buy a home generator is before you need one.

Portable Energy For Your House, Santa Rosa

Considering the numerous specifications you’ll want to consider before settling on a home generator, you won’t want to go it alone. At Lowes Electric, we're standing by to answer your questions and provide an instant price quote! Call us at (707) 584-6565 or click here to contact us. We’ll walk you through the best home and portable generators based on your specific needs and projected usage. At Lowes Electric, we’ll help you decide on a generator based on price, fuel source, runtime, and portability.

Home Diesel Power Generator, Sonoma County


Home and portable generators vary in their design, features, and functionality, so you’ll want to explore all of your options before choosing the best generator for your home. Looking for something to power your entire home? Ask an electrical contractor about diesel powered home generators. Installed outside of the home in the same way as an air conditioning unit, whole home generators are capable of powering everything in your home at once, picking up seconds after an outage occurs so it’s like nothing ever happened. These generators feature reduced noise, faster cooling for longer run times, longer maintenance intervals, and improved fuel efficiency. There are also home standby diesel generators that are designed to power critical elements of your home, such as the air conditioning, some lights, and the refrigerator.

Are you just as concerned about getting the best bang for your buck as you are about keeping your home essentials powered in an outage? Consider the benefits of a portable home generator. Run on either gas, liquid propane, diesel, or natural gas, a portable generator can be used anywhere from tailgating parties to remote campgrounds. These systems feature the ability to power items via outlets and are not designed either for long term usage or for powering an entire home. Based on your needs, we at Lowes Electric will be able to match you with the perfect generator for your lifestyle.


This seems to be the decider for most homeowners looking for their first home diesel generator. If you don’t need a lot of power, want some usage flexibility, and really aren’t looking to splurge, our technicians will help you choose a portable generator that includes extreme fuel efficient (up to 12 hours of power on 4 gallons of gas), has easy to use features and controls, and has plenty of power for your most important appliances and a few electronics besides.


If you’re more interested in keeping yourself and your family in luxury conditions no matter the length of an outage, our technicians can help you find a whole home generator that runs on either diesel power or your home’s natural gas or liquid propane lines. Models like the 8,000 Watt Aurora Diesel Generator or the Aurora 20,000 Watt Diesel Home Generator are both well known names in the generator industry and for good reason; either model is more than capable of providing reliable, consistent power for your entire home for reasonably long periods of time. And because these models run on diesel instead of costly natural gas or propane, they are some of the most efficient to operate, and some of the longest lasting, despite their size and power.

Home generators, whether portable or designed to stay in one place, can mean the difference in your family’s safety and comfort when it comes to a power outage. Whether it’s a grid overload or a severe storm that knocks out your electric, you never know how long your home might be without power. Most homeowners make their decision to buy a generator when they’re stuck between a rock and a dark place, often with no real thought or plan of action for what they’re going to do with it when they get home. With Lowes Electric, you can make an informed decision long before disaster strikes.