Like a lot of homeowners, you probably come home to recharge; both yourself and your devices. But when your electrical outlet or socket fails, it’s time to contact a professional electrician. Our team of licensed technicians can easily help you determine which electrical receptacle or two in your house you should change out. We’re also pros at installing new receptacles into your electrical system. Get in touch with Lowes Electric to find out how we can make your receptacle installation fast and safe.

Types of Electrical Outlet Installation

Electrical Outlet Additions and Replacements, Sonoma County

Make sure it’s done right, have a professional electrician take care of it.

There are various types of wall electrical outlet installation options. Whether you’re looking to swap out a 2-prong receptacle with 3-prong models, or you need an outlet that does more, we’ve got you covered. We’ve installed complicated wiring to meet the safety requirements and those of the property owner. Let us put our expertise and equipment to work to connect your rooms.

Did you know that you have a variety of outlet types? You have 50-amp outlet options for your dryer, oven, and other large appliances. You have a 20-amp outlet or two in your kitchen to handle the power of blenders and microwaves. You can spot this receptacle type because it has a horizontal slot on their left wire plug. And of course there are traditional 15-amp outlets for areas of the property used less frequently. You might even have a GFCI receptacle or two. This electrical receptacle will have a rest button in the middle. No matter what receptacle you want to install in your house, our professional team can handle the job.

Electrical Outlet Upgrades And Repairs

If you’re adding more space onto your residential property, you’ll need sockets and switches installed to be able to use your electrical wiring. This takes careful planning, proper equipment, and an understanding of how the wires in your house are setup.

 Rent Temporary Power, Santa Rosa

Renovating often requires installing outlets or moving existing ones to meet the needs of your space. Installations are best handled by a professional who can ensure that the process is completely with the highest safety and industry standards. We’ll check that all components are properly connected and housed to prevent potential malfunctions in receptacles and switches.

How about being able to charge your phone or tablet by plugging it directly into the wall? By installing sockets with USB ports, it’s possible to recharge your phone or tablet while still leaving room for plugs. And if you have a smart home, you can install a smart receptacle that syncs up with other smart devices you own.

A broken socket can seem deceptively simple to fix. However, there is always a risk of shock if you aren’t careful, even with GFCI installation. A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) receptacle is safer than other models, but will still be dangerous when not working. Backed by years of industry training, we’ll show you how to safely change out a receptacle and test the voltage if you aren’t sure that it is dead.

Not holding plugs in place and not getting power are two of the most common reasons that residents contact our outlet repair service in Sonoma County. We’ll help you diagnose your broken outlet and will give you affordable replacement options.

The Cost To Install New Sockets

Two things determine most of the price for outlet installation in Sonoma County: the hourly rate of your electrical contractor and the complexity of your wiring. On average, you can expect to spend about $200 on outlet installation. The kind of receptacle and install location will also matter to the total installation expense.

Expert Outlet Solution

Don’t mess around when it comes to your electrical. Trust one of our experienced electricians to fix, replace, or upgrade the electrical sockets in your house. When it comes to your electrical installation or repairs, you can trust us to always adhere to the highest industry standards in order to give you better peace of mind during and after your install. Call us or contact us today to schedule your outlet testing with us or plan your next receptacle installation.