Lowes Electric: Rebuilding Their Community After the Fires

Temporary Power Pole Installation, Sonoma County

Horrific Wildfires on California 2017

October of 2017 brought horrific wildfires to many parts of California, where whole communities were consumed. The damage was estimated to be in the millions. Many families lost their homes, barely escaping with their lives, and yet, they have returned to rebuild. But, without the basic necessity of electricity, it is darn near impossible. Fortunately, temporary power pole installation is going on strong, with the help of Lowes qualified electricians.

Some homeowners who have returned are using RV’s and trailers for shelter while they clean up and rebuild. Needing temporary electric poles, many have turned to rental companies to help bring power to their location. Lowes Electric stepped up to the challenge of rebuilding, even offering a 25% discount for anyone affected by the wildfires. They offer their services in Sonoma, Napa and Marin counties. Contact them here or give them a call at 800 679-6099 for all of your electrical needs!

 Rent Temporary Power, Santa Rosa

Lowes Electric was also impacted by the wildfires when their parents lost everything; their family home, cars, personal keepsakes, family mementos, and so much more. Robert and Nicole Lowe understand the struggle that is faced when a family is trying to return things to normal and they are ready to help, encouraging others to pitch in as well.

Any electrical project can be dangerous for the average person, which is why utilizing the education and experience of a licensed, bonded and insured electrician is the safest alternative. When you're trying to get temporary power to your home site, you certainly don't want to cut any corners. Lowe's Electric can provide all the services needed, such as:

Temporary Power Poles Installation

Temporary Power Pole Installation, Sonoma County
  • Single or three phase temporary power poles
  • Underground electric service
  • Overhead electric service
  • 125 amp or larger service on request
  • Telephone and communication data services
  • High voltage needs
  • All temporary power pole installation performed by a licensed electrician

Types of Temporary Power Projects

  • Camp sites
  • RV locations
  • Mobile Homes
  • New construction
  • Renovations
  • Residential
  • Commercial
RV Power Poles, Santa Rosa

Robert Lowe

Lowes Electric can also perform load calculations to find out how much power is needed, as well as add security lighting to the location. They can handle the process of getting permits from the city planners and take care of the inspections that are needed for quick service. When communication is needed, they can also help get phone and data lines up and running. Starting with the temporary power poles installation all the way through lighting up the area, they cover it all.

After the Tubbs wildfire which ran from October 8th to October 26th, 2017, many electrical contractors raised their prices because the demand was so high, even going so far as to price gouge, taking advantage of the desperation of thousands of families. But, not Lowes Electric. Wanting to help their community rebuild, they offered a 25% discount, challenging other businesses to do the same. Their kindness was highlighted in a story written for a local news. You can read it here.

The Tubbs fire is considered one of California's most devastating fires. By the end of October 2017, it was finally contained, but had burned 36,810 acres and 22 lives had been lost. It consumed 5,643 structures, 2,800 of them in Santa Rosa alone. Upon returning to their neighborhoods, families had probably the hardest challenge in their lives to cleanup and rebuild.

Temporary Power Pole Installation, Sonoma County

When disaster strikes, recovering can seem impossible, but with the right help, it is attainable. A temporary power solution is the first step to getting back on solid ground, whether it's a single family home, or a commercial industry, both are vulnerable until the power is on. The first step is assessing the project to see what is needed. Temporary electric poles can be installed to help facilitate the rebuilding process but only licensed electricians such as Lowes Electric can handle this workload.

Robert Lowe and Lowes Electric has been serving his community for over 20 years, providing reliability and professionalism. When his family and community were in dire need, he willingly stepped up to offer his hand. His company is a member of the Better Business Bureau, is state licensed, bonded and insured. They offer free estimates and upfront pricing, which means no surprises to the checkbook. Their reviews are impressive.
They went above and beyond to help their neighbors and their community during one of the most terrifying occurrences anyone should have to endure. If you need a temporary power pole installation or any other electrical needs, you will not be disappointed in the service you will get from Lowes Electric.