25% Off Discount For Fire Victims

Was your family or business in any way affected by the Northern California Fires? Lowes Electric would like to help out by offering 25% off its normal services.

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You see, we were drastically affected by the fires. My parents, the Warners, lost their entire home and all of their possessions when the fires first started last week. (You can read about their story here.)

Lowes Electric and our family has always sought to help others and give back to the community. And that’s not going to change. This fire may have done some very devastating damage to our family, but we’re not going to let that hinder our efforts to help out others in all of this.

We are offering our skills and resources as electricians to help out local homes and businesses. Until further notice, we’re offering 25% off our electrical services to those impacted by the fire.

Perhaps your family or loved ones lost a home … or maybe a car. Perhaps your company suffered a huge loss of business. Whatever it is, we’d like to help out.


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* Maximum discount is $250 (projects of $1000 or more).