As time passes, we as a society become more and more reliant upon the gadgets, appliances, and other power hungry equipment in our homes. Some of these items are intended to entertain us, others are to help us get our work done more efficiently—but they all require electricity. Working with a qualified electrician is important for anyone who wants to ensure that these systems continue to run properly and efficiently. If you're in the Petaluma area, trust the work provided by Lowes for all of your electrical contracting needs.

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Local Ordinance Permits and Municipal Codes

Fully Trained Electrical Contractor, Petaluma

Fully Trained Electrical Contractor, Petaluma

It's very important that your electrical contractor is fully trained in the local codes necessary to follow here in Petaluma. These are the codes which determine precisely how electrical systems are installed in buildings, and may differ depending on whether you're working with a residential or commercial building. These codes are extremely important to follow not only for safety purposes, but to be in compliance with the law—those without electrical systems up to par can get hit with fines or other fees.

With all of this in mind, it's best to have your electrical installations done correctly the first time by professionals who understand the laws of the local municipality. Our fully licensed electricians understand how to install electrical systems according to these laws, and we can help determine as to whether or not you'll need a permit or other paperwork filed. We'll be more than happy to help you with the entire process so that you know the work being done is not only safe, but fully code compliant.

The Specific Needs of Commercial Buildings

On average, commercial structures usually require more power than other other buildings, such as residential dwellings. These buildings generally must be able to power manufacturing equipment or office appliances—which sometimes runs on a day and night schedule. A qualified electrician knows that these kinds of buildings must be wired in such a way that they can support these demands. Additionally, repairs are typically needed very urgently, as when there's an electrical problem it can slow down (or stop completely) the work day, not to mention potentially endangering employees or customers, depending on the nature of the problem that needs to be fixed.

Home Theater Systems

With the price of home theater equipment becoming so affordable, more and more homeowners have decided to install these convenient entertainment systems into their home. However, it's important to note that oftentimes these home theater systems require relatively complex wiring—it's almost never a “plug and play” situation. Therefore, these systems are best installed by a professional who understands precisely how the equipment works, what kinds of power demands it has. The fact of the matter is, home theater systems might be more affordable but by no means are they cheap, and thus to best protect your investment working with a qualified electrician will yield the best possible results. If a home theater isn't installed correctly, it's possible to damage the equipment. We'll be able to assess and determine the best way to hook up everything, from your television, accessories, speakers, and everything else in your home theater system.

Charging Stations for Electric-Powered Vehicles

Charging Stations for Electro-Powered Vehicles, Petaluma

More and more people have decided to begin driving electric vehicles. These vehicles have become more popular as their efficiency has gone up and their prices have gone down. However, they do require a power source, so many homeowners have chosen to install electric vehicle (or “EV”) charging stations in their homes here in Petaluma. These charging stations require specialized skills to install properly—but we here at Lowes know exactly how to do it so that you can accomplish your goals.

Electrical Repairs

The longer you own a home or business structure, the more likely it is that eventually repairs will be necessary. Contact Lowes today to find out how our electricians can help you discover and resolve any kind of electrical problem.