Lowes Electric in Santa Rosa can help you with electrical emergencies in Sheridan CA

Lowes Electric in Santa Rosa can help you with electrical emergencies in Sheridan CA

Electrical problems happen every day and usually when we least expect them. Common forms of electrical emergencies are:


  • Wires that have been loosened
  •  wires or appliances that have caught fire
  •  Conductors that have become exposed
  •  Shocked transformers (that usually cause electrical outages
  •  Malfunctioning appliances


These issues will often be very dangerous if not treated right away. Not resolving an electrical emergency could lead to damage to your home, business downtime, inventory losses, injuries and deaths.


You shouldn’t resolve any electrical emergencies on your own. You could be electrocuted, cause an electrical fire or havoc to your property’s wiring or devices.


Our professionals have been handling electrical emergencies for decades and provide the best emergency electrical services in the area. Don’t hesitate to contact our group professionals if you have any of these challenges Our experts will do whatever it takes to get your problem addressed and you will be back up and running.

Emergency Electrical Solutions for Businesses


Lowes will fix an electrical emergency anytime it arises. Our team understands that electrical emergencies have to be addressed as soon as you notice. The problem shall be worked on immediately.


Some emergency electrical services we provide are:


  •  Performing troubleshooting
  •  Removing electricity to exposed conducting units to reduce the likelihood of electric shock or fires.
  •  Connecting a temporary electric supply in case of of an electrical outage.
  •  Fixing or replacing any damaged electrical parts.


We will fix your problems as soon as possible and minimize the cost and disruption to your business.


Services for Residences

Most Lowes clients than need emergency electrical work are commercial properties. However, residential owners can also contact us should they have a crisis.


You can depend on our team to be there in a crisis. Our team is here to help with any problem you may face. Contact us immediately if you are experiencing an emergency. Our team is there whenever needed.


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