Electric vehicles are becoming more and more frequently spotted on the roads here in San Rafael—that's probably because these kinds of efficient cars are becoming more and more advanced as manufacturers add more features and reliability, but also because they're becoming more affordable for most people to be bale to drive them.

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Nissan Leaf, Electric Vehicle for San Rafael Residents

Nissan's Leaf electric vehicle as well as Tesla's Roadster electric vehicle are both very popular models thanks to their advanced feature sets, reliability, and efficient expenditure of energy. It's possible that you may have already purchased one of these excellent vehicles, or you're thinking about buying one. PG&E, one of the major power companies here in California, have provided reports that imagine that almost a million drivers will own these kinds of vehicles by the year 2020, and that's great except for one problem—the people who drive these kinds of cars quickly realize that gas stations are far more common that charging stations.

The solution? For many drivers, it's to have a home charging station installed. Since these vehicles require charging regularly in order to stay on the road, the solution is a home charging station. These stations are capable of charging vehicles not only from Nissan or Tesla, but most manufacturers, which is great news for those who have vehicles from different manufacturers and wouldn't want to have to install different kinds of charging stations. This depends on the types of vehicle of course, and through a consultation with an electrician from Lowes you can find out what the best options are for you and your family.

San Rafael is home to many gas stations, but not many electric vehicle charging stations. Thus, installing a charging station in your home is a great solution to not having to pay more to use one provided by a third party, and you'll have the added convenience being able to charge your electric vehicle right from your home.

Something about charging stations that's a misconception held by many people is the idea that they're very expensive. This is almost never the case. These kinds of charging stations are however somewhat complex to install, and we suggest not following any kind of “DIY” solution—it may end up costing your more in the long run, might not be as reliable as a charging station installed by a professional, and could even present a safety issue for someone who isn't fully qualified in working with complex electrical systems.

Level 1 charging stations are commonly found in many homes, since these only require a 110 volt outlet that's pretty common for most residences. However Level 1 charging stations aren't very efficient if you want to drive more than a few miles every day with your electric vehicle. That's why Lowes are experts at installing Level 2 charging stations in your home or place of business. These kinds of charging stations utilize a 240 volt outlet and can provide you with much more charge to your electrical vehicle per hour spent charging. An electrical vehicle that's been hooked up to a 240 volt level 2 charging station can expect to charge about 10 to 20 miles worth of power for every hour the car remains connected to the charging station.

Why More San Rafael Residents Are Driving Electric Cars

Electric Vehicle: Tesla, San Rafael

Tesla, Electric Vehicle - San Rafael

Other than the environmental factors involved, many San Rafael residents are starting to purchase and drive electric vehicles because of the substantial gas savings. Here in California gasoline can get pretty expensive, and so it's an attractive option to not have to buy it anymore. Unfortunately you still need to have some kind of power in your vehicle, and if you don't have a home charging station for your electric vehicle—whether that's a Nissan Leaf or a Tesla Roadster—you won't be taking it very far. The good news is that charging stations for electric vehicles in San Rafael is relatively affordable and can be installed quickly by a certified electrician with the training and experience necessary to put one in. We here at Lowes have both—both the experience and the qualifications necessary to get your electric vehicle charged and on the road.

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If you'd like to learn more about electric vehicle charging stations and how Lowes can help you install an efficient Level 2 charging station right in your home or place of business, please feel more than welcome to call us at (415) 524-0477 for more information. Once you do, we'll send out one of our certified electricians to your home so that you can get an estimate and a reliable, accurate quote for your electric vehicle charging station right in your home. Many San Rafael residents have made the switch to the more efficient and clean electric vehicles, so if you're ready to do the same we're here to help you make sure it's charged quickly and efficiently from a charging station in your own home.