There's a good chance that you've come across some problems with the electrical panel in your home or place of business. This is something that some people don't consider until someone else mentions it to them, as we usually tend to think that electrical problems are caused by some other source, such as a malfunctioning wire or outlet within the home. But an experienced electrician knows that it's possible that the problem might be laying outside of the home at the electrical panel.

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These kinds of problems are more common than you might think in San Rafael, thanks to the many homes and structures in our community that are getting on in age—there's a relatively good chance that the building you're living or working in hasn't had the electrical panel replaced since it was originally built. If that's the case and the structure is more than a decade old, it's possible that it's time to replace the electrical panel with a more modern upgrade.

Electrical Panle Inspection and Installation, San Rafael

Electrical Panel Installation, San Rafael

It's important to keep in mind that the age of the home or building that the electrical panel provides power to can play a large part in the kind of panel that's most likely to be installed. If you can, try to determine how old the panel is—if it's been a long time (sometimes a very long time) since it's been replaced, there's a reasonable chance that even if it isn't “malfunctioning” it might not be up to par with the power demands of today's more advanced and energy consuming equipment, appliances, and technology that's becoming more and more common in the home and workplace. However, if the electrical panel is indeed malfunctioning, it could even lead to safety issues. That's why it's important to work with a fully qualified electrician in San Rafael to resolve these issues before they become a problem.

While we hope that you'll choose to work with us here at Lowes, as we take our work very seriously and wish only to provide you with the best possible service, let's quickly touch on a few tips that can help you find the right kind of professional to fix or replace your electrical panel. They should have not only a great deal of experience, but should be able to provide you with complete transparency and proof about their qualifications, certifications, state licensing, and references from other customers who have had similar services performed on their homes or business structures. The local California and San Rafael codes must be followed when installing an electrical panel, otherwise you might find yourself with more expenses or even safety issues later down the road—of course, our electricians are trained in all of these areas. If you choose to contact us, we'll be more than happy to provide you with any kind of verification information that you desire.

It's of the utmost importance that your electrical panel gets installed correctly, not only for safety purposes, but for the ongoing functionality of the electrical system in your home or office. That's because the electrical panel is responsible for regulating and providing power to every room, outlet, switch, and other electrical component in the home or business structure. If the electrical panel isn't working, that usually means that nothing else will work—thus it's important to make sure that yours is in good working order and has the capability of functioning alongside modern appliances and technology.

How Electrical Panels Fail and What to do About It

Electrical Panel Replacement, San Rafael

Electrical Panel Replacement, San Rafael

If an electrical panel completely breaks down, there's a really good chance you'll know about it—that's because nothing in the home or work building will be working! The electrical panel is responsible for distributing and regulating the power to everything else, so when one breaks, you'll be completely without power. Unfortunately, it's rare that even the older electrical panels flat out stop working. Instead, you're more likely to encounter problems that slowly develop over time. Unfortunately these issues are far worse than an electrical panel that simply stops working, because they can lead to safety problems, which we believe are far worse than simple inconvenience. An electrical panel that isn't working properly might overheat and start a fire, or it might provide too much current to an outlet or even multiple outlets, which presents a risk of electrical shock to the residents of the home or even your employees or clients. That's perhaps the best reason to make sure that you have a new electrical panel that's been confirmed to be working properly. Once installed, a new electrical panel can last for many years, so don't delay and get yours installed before anything bad happens.

If you'd like to learn more about electrical panels and whether or not your home or business structure needs to have a new one installed please feel more than welcome to contact us here at Lowes.