As the years go by, people are more and more likely to become reliant upon the technologies that make our day to day lives possible, both in terms of convenience as well as for our work. These gadgets and appliances require power, and some of them require quite a lot—even though they might help us get through our days with more enjoyment and efficiency. When you make the smart choice to work with a professional electrician, you'll be able to ensure that the technology that you use in your day to day life will continue to do their jobs correctly since they'll be able to get the power they need. For those who live in the San Rafael area, we hope that you'll choose to trust the services provided by the qualified electricians at Lowes when you need to contract for any kind of electrical work.

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Local Codes and Laws

Fully Trained Electrical Contractor, San Rafael

Fully Trained Electrical Contractor, San Rafael

One of the most important things to keep in mind when hiring any electrician is that they should have a complete understanding of the laws and codes of the local municipality, in this case, San Rafael. While we hope that you choose to work with us here at Lowes since we're very, very familiar with all of these requirements, let's examine a few tips as to why these codes are important and how to select the right kind of electrician to work with.

The codes that must be followed for electrical systems are important not only so that you can remain in compliance with the law, but so that you can avoid any kind of potential safety issue. The codes are responsible for determination how electrical systems are installed in buildings, both residential and commercial—and the type of building may impact the nature of the codes and how they have to be followed. IF you don't, you'll more than likely be eventually discovered and given a fee or a fine by the local authorities—this aside, it's important to follow the codes for your own benefit of safety.

When you're working with a qualified electrician like those found at Lowes, you'll be able to rest assured that they know all of the codes—from the minor details all the way up to the big points that have to be followed. We can even advise our customers as to whether a permit will be necessary for electrical work—and here in California, permits are pretty common as you likely already know. We'll be able to help you figure out all of the necessary paperwork for a new installation or for the repairs that you might need to have done on your electrical system.

Solar Power Systems & Their Installation

Solar Panel Installation, San Rafael

Solar Panel Installation, San Rafael

Solar panels are a great choice for homeowners looking for a way to save money and to protect the environment. Once you have a solar power system installed, you'll no longer be reliant upon the local power company to provide you with the electricity you need for your home or business. This self reliance is very attractive for many residents of San Rafael, and they can help you save money.

The reality is however that solar power systems are difficult to install and must be done so by a qualified individual who fully understands the complexities and nuances of these kinds of systems. DIY solutions exist, sure, but in many cases these concepts end up costing the homeowner more than if they had simply hired a professional from the beginning. They can even present a safety issue sometimes, so it's best to work with expert electricians to get your solar power system installed correctly the first time.

Proper Electrical Systems for Commercial Buildings

Electric systems in commercial buildings often have much more complex requirements than those for residences. That's because the power in these buildings usually needs to be run to more power hungry equipment that might be running a day, from office equipment to manufacturing equipment to power tools and other accessories. Furthermore, repairs for these kinds of electrical systems are very important to have fixed quickly, since without power or properly working outlets, you'll likely have a hard time running your business. This is something that Lowes understands, and thus we'll make sure to have commercial building repairs completed as quickly as possible so that you can get back into business. DIY solutions again shouldn't be applied here as they might cost more money or endanger you, your employees, or your customers—trust a professional like the ones found at Lowes.

General Electrical Repair Work

No matter the problem that needs to be solved, we encourage you to do the same as so many other customers here in San Rafael have chosen to do—that's to trust Lowes with all of your electrical repair needs, whether that's for a home theater system or your commercial building.