Lowes Electric provides electrical contracting services for San Rafael and Marin County.

Emergency Electrical Services


Lowes Electric Offers Electrical Repair Services for Residential and Commercial Electrical Systems

If you have an electrical emergency going on right now in your home or business, stop reading and give us a call at (415) 488-8855 so we can help you out. We'll give you a quote estimate over the phone and ensure that your electrical problems get solved ASAP. We're here to respond to any issue. Power outage? Electrical circuit making weird noises/sparking? Lights flickering due to impending system failure? Potential water leak into the wiring/panel? Don't hesitate when even the slightest concern is brought to your attention!

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Call For Electrical Service, San Rafael

Residential Electrical Services


Residential Home Electrician Service

The average household has thousands of electrical components that can go bad at any time. When you encounter electrical problems, it's sometimes impossible to diagnose the root cause. Only a trained and licensed electrical contractor is qualified to diagnose the source of your home's electrical problems and apply a safe and expedient fix. Lowes Electric offers every type of electrical service for your home and/or business!

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Electric Panel Inspection, Repair & Replacement


Were you aware that older homes are equipped with potential fire hazards? You heard me right. Out-dated electrical panels are not equipped to handle the intense load placed upon them by modern household electrical consumption. homes are using twice (many times, more) the electricity compared to thirty years ago. Everything from kitchen and laundry appliances to entertainment and lighting systems has a greater demand for electricity. When a panel is unable to keep up with the flow of this current, they can and will go bad. Sometimes, this results in a small fire that erupts in the breaker. This spreads to surrounding areas of the home quickly. As I write this, there's a story on the news of a home in shambles a few miles away from a fire that broke out in, you guessed it, the electrical panel. The family is devastated; a quarter of their home is gone. Don't take the risk. Get an electrical panel inspection. If you still have any hesitations, you can relax - I offer them for free! Click here to visit my home page, and fill out the form at the top.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

Loweselectrician, Santa Rosa

The percentage of households that have an electric vehicle is growing at a fast and steady rate. Electric vehicles are improving aesthetically, in range, and in affordability. Home-based electric vehicle charging stations are also improving as well. Until now, the only option to charge your vehicle was to find a station near you so you can charge your vehicle while you dine or shop. However, nobody has the freedom of time to wait around in town for their vehicle to complete its charge cycle. You can now have a charging station in the garage of your home! Your vehicle will charge while you sleep. Concerned about a higher utility bill? You can relax; the power consumption of modern charging stations is very reasonable!

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Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation

Loweselectrician, Santa Rosa

We perform in-home Tesla / LEAF / EV charging station installations

A level 1 charging station is a technical term for a regular household power outlet. Their power output is limited and is intended for casual drivers who will not be packing on serious milage on the road. A level 2 charging station simply delivers more power, which means a faster charge for your vehicle. This is necessary if you drive a lot and/or have a long commute to work. A level 2 charging station uses the same power outlet that a major household appliance uses, such as an electric dryer or an oven. There's a major difference in electrical output by these devices; the power you can expect from a level 2 is more than double of what a standard level 1 power outlet has to offer. If you're just now introducing an electric vehicle to your lifestyle, then we highly recommend that you consider a level 2 charging station.

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